The Best Dumbbell Workouts for Losing Weight

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Using dumbbells helps to build muscle mass, which helps to create more effective weight loss. Lose weight using dumbbell weights with the help of an expert personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Michael Hanson with Revolve Fitness Club, and today we're going to go over the best exercises to lose weight with dumbbells. When you're doing exercises with dumbbells, you can lose weight by building muscle, not necessarily mass. But, when you build muscle, your body actually burns more calories when you're sleeping, when you're walking, when you're eating, even. So, that's why you, it's okay to do dumbbell exercises to lose weight. If you're wanting to increase your cardio endurance also, you're going to want to do exercises that incorporate total body workouts. Sow, what we're going to do now is a shoulder press squat. We're going to take our dumbbells, bring them up to your shoulders. You can either do a wide grip, or a inside. We're going to spread those feet wide, and we're going to do down, and explode up. One, two, three, up. Again, I'll do about 15 reps of these to really get your heart rate up. So, we're moving all of our body. When we do these kind of exercises, it forces your heart to pump blood up to the top of your arms, which really gets your heart rate up, and in turn burns more calories. Okay, so the next exercise we're going to do is a tricep squat. And, what we're going to do, is take your dumbbell, make a little diamond with your hands. We're going to set it over the top of our head. Again, put your feet wide just like they were in the previous exercise. We're going to go down, drop the tricep, drive it straight up. I'll do it again, 15 of these, if you're trying to get cut. Okay, now that we've done a tricep exercise, the last one I'm going to show you guys how to do is alternating squats. And, what we're going to do, is take both of your dumbbells, you're going to face sideways, and I'll do alternating legs. So, I'll go forward, come back, forward, and come back. And, I'll do about 20 total, so I'll do 10 each side, and do about three or four sets of those. And again, you can change the reps and the sets, depending on the weight you want to use, and your exercise result that you want to get. Thanks for joining us, this has been the best exercises with dumbbells to do to lose weight.


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