Exercises With Dumbbell Weights

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When exercising with dumbbell weights it's important to start out light. Create an exercise routine using dumbbell weights with the help of an expert personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Michael Hanson with Revolve Fitness Club, and today we are going to learn how to exercise with dumbbells. You want to start with something light so I grab five pound weights. I'm going to show you guys five exercises that you can do for a warm-up and for a workout. We are going to start by putting our feet together keeping the shoulders back. And we are going to extend out. And when you extend out keep a steady motion. I do about 15. If you are doing a warm-up, you don't need to do heavy weight. We are going to do 15 out. Good job. Okay, now what we want to do is keep those feet shoulder-width apart. Keep those hands in front and you are going to bring up the weights in front. And when you bring them up in front you want to make sure that they don't go any higher then your eyes. So, when they cover up your eyes in the mirror or just in front, then you know you've done high enough. You want to do about 15 reps of those and make sure again when you do them that you keep it a steady motion so we are not stopping at the top. We are not stopping at the bottom. Alright, the next one we are going to do we call these Ts. And so what you are going to do is start out in that same position we were just at in. And you are going to bring it on up. This is a shoulder exercise as were the previous two but this is going to work a little bit different area of those shoulders. You are going to come up until the sides of your shoulders are parallel with the other side and you form a T, that's why they are called Ts. Good job guys. Okay, now that we've done Ts we are going to do my favorite I like to call a chicken dance. So, we are going to start at here. And we are going to actually end up in that same spot that you were at when you did your Ts. So, we are going to go up and just do these. You are going to make sure that those elbows come all the way to your sides and all the way up. And you keep it again a constant movement to get a constant burning in there. You can either do these for warm-up or do these as part of your workout, depending on the weight that you choose. Again, if you are doing a warm-up, you want to make sure you start with a light weight and then progress. If you want to do it for a workout, you can do heavier weights and lower reps, or heavier weights and even higher reps. Again, this was how to do exercises with dumbbells. Thanks for joining us.


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