Wrist-Fracture Strengthening Exercises

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After a wrist fracture, gentle exercise helps to speed recovery. Learn the best exercises to help a fractured wrist in this free video from an expert personal trainer.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, I'm Michael Hanson with Revolve Fitness Club, and today we're going to do some strengthening exercises for your wrist after a wrist fracture. We're going to start off by learning how to do a wrist exercise without any weight, and then we'll move up to that. Alright, so you want to rest your elbow on your leg and extend those hands out. You want to curl up into your wrist. You want to do about 30 reps of these. The higher reps that you do on these exercises, the better results you're going to get. So, you want to do that 30 times each side, depending on which wrist is hurt. You can also do it with the dumbbell, and when you do these let that dumbbell extend down to the end of your fingertips and curl it on up. Then, what you want to do is flip over and extend that arm just a little farther out. That way, you can twist that wrist underneath your arm, we're going to twist it down and then bring it up, count to about two or three when you're doing these. You want to do, again, about 30 of these rotations when you're doing your wrist exercises. When you use a stretch band what you want to do is make sure depending on your resistance that you place your foot farther or closer to that band to increase or decrease your resistance and you're going to again let those fingertips extend all the way out and we're going to slowly curl it all the way up, bringing it all the way in and all the way out, curling it up and curling it down. Again, twist to over extend that elbow a little farther out, let that wrist bend over and you're going to twist it on up and do about 30 of those. Thanks for joining us. This has been how to strengthen your wrist after a wrist fracture.


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