Pilates Balance Exercises

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Balance exercises can help strengthen your whole body. Learn both beginner and advanced exercises with the useful tips provided by a professional fitness trainer in this free video on Pilates balance exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you some Pilates balance exercises. Here's one that I'm going to start off with, and you can be on your elbow and your bottom leg, or your hand and your knee. I'm going to show you the more advanced one first, where we're going to balance on our knee, and bring your foot way back on the bent leg. The other leg will be out to the side, and first we're going to stretch, and we're going to balance and lift the leg up. Now, from here, we're going to bring the leg forward and then we're going to bring the leg back with our arm going the other direction, keeping us balanced. Inhale and exhale, inhale, exhale. Another good balancing exercise I'm going to show you is on your shoulders, lay back on the floor and bring your knees up. As you slowly start to stretch your legs up towards the ceiling, then lift your body up with your arms stretched straight out and balance on your shoulders. Try to lift your legs up straight to the ceiling, neck is long, breathe deep, holding this move for about 10 seconds. The holding and the balancing will strengthen your whole body. I'm Amy Newman, and that's Pilates balance exercises.


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