How to Lose Weight With Raw Foods

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A raw food diet helps you to lose weight due to added fiber. Explore the benefits of raw food with the help of a licensed dietitian in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a registered and licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida. Now, for your weight loss program, you might be looking at introducing raw foods to your diet and how that can benefit your weight loss goal. Well, raw foods typically mean that they're in their whole or natural form and often deals with a lot of uncooked or unprocessed food items as well. Now, a benefit of raw foods that can help with weight loss a lot of times has to do with the added fiber that's in these and I shouldn't say added but the naturally occurring fiber and therefore an added fiber to your diet. Whole fruits, whole vegetables and even whole grain products that are processed, for instance bread, contain that natural fiber and this fiber is something our body doesn't actually digest or utilize whatsoever and because our body doesn't digest, it actually ends up hanging on to it a little bit longer, and so we have that feeling of fullness or satiety for a longer period of time. When we feel full, we're less likely to choose snacks and sweets and salty things that maybe have a lot of excess calories because we just don't need them. Our body is not craving them as much and if you're feeling your body up with high fiber foods, those are a lot of times healthy foods and often low calorie foods as well. Now, also with fiber, it helps our digestion process in keeping regular bowel movements. So, when you're regularly excreting the waste in your body, you're not hanging on to that extra weight in your body and can probably see a little bit of that number go down on the scale there as well. Now, like I mentioned, those high fiber foods, especially our fruits and vegetables are very low in calorie per volume. You could have almost a full cup of melon before you even reach 100 calories, excellent, packed with vitamins and minerals and also an excellent hydration source as well. So again, raw foods can have great health benefits but don't totally X out those processed foods, for instance our nut sources that have a little bit of extra processing or roasting, even some vegetables can be a little bit healthier for you in the cooked form. But ultimately, any weight loss goal is a negative calorie balance, less calories in, more calories out and a combination of a healthy diet and exercise program. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.


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