How to Control Weight on Birth Control

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Controlling weight while on birth control is a concern for many women. Manage your weight with the help of a licensed dietitian in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a registered and licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida. If you've started on birth control, you're probably wondering how to control and maintain that good healthy weight. Now, keep in mind that birth control is a form of hormones and our body and our body can react to hormones very differently. So, say for instance, you had one friend with no reactions at all, no symptoms, no weight gain, but then maybe your other friend saw a sort of weight gain and maybe had mood swings. It can affect us all very very differently and keep that in mind and if you're having issues with your current form make sure to check with your doctor and possibly switching the dosage. Now, with any weight moderation program, it's a good combination of healthful diet and exercise program. When we choose healthy foods and have a good moderate amount of exercise, we also have an overall better feeling and overall wellness to our sense of mind and body. Now, healthy food incorporates all five food groups. So, you're looking at your fruits and vegetables, your whole grains, your lean proteins and your low or fat free dairy products, again a wide range of these in moderation is really key. Keeping up on your fruits and vegetables, a good five to nine servings sounds extreme but it's doable. This also helps with our fluid. Now you're often going to have times maybe that you feel like fluid retention so try to avoid some of those sugary and added sweets in the carbohydrates. Our body needs fluid to actually digest the carbohydrates. So when we have these simple sugars we might be actually holding on to a little bit more fluid as well as our sodium and salty products, same sort of thing. Every time we have a malogram, excuse me a milligram of sodium, we need about four molecules of water to have that equal status in our bodies. So, avoid the simple sugars, avoid the salty foods, try to stay a moderate well rounded diet and incorporate a good exercise program. This is an easy general outline for any sort of weight maintenance program and ultimately if you're trying to lose weight, you want that negative calorie balance. So, intake less and exert more. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.


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