How to Lower Triglycerides & Raise HDL

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Lowering triglycerides and raising your HDL cholesterol levels can be accomplished through diet. Balance your healthy cholesterol levels with the help of a licensed dietitian in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a registered and licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay, Florida. Now, if you are looking for some dietary tips on how to decrease your triglycerides and actually increase your HDL or high lipid density proteins, the good cholesterol, there are a few things you can change in your diet to help this. First, try to look at your carbohydrate sources. Choose complex carbohydrates that increase your fiber in your diet. When we have these high fiber foods, fiber actually helps to remove some of that cholesterol from our body or the bad cholesterol, the LDLs that you don't want in your system. Plus these types of foods are digested slower and our body ends up utilizing them a little bit better than those sugary snack sweets. Now, those simple carbohydrates, for instance, the sugary snack sweets, in excess, can turn into excess calories and when we have excess calories it actually stores as fat. So, a lot of times, we can have an extra amount of fat also in our blood system. So, choosing complex over simple carbohydrates is one change you can do. Also, keep in mind your Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These have been proven to actually reduce triglycerides and improve your HDLs. Now, these are a monounsaturated type of fat found in both nut products and our fatty fishes and a lot of times combined with the Omega 6 Fatty Acids as well. Increasing these in your diet is another step you can do. So, increasing fiber especially from those complex carbohydrates, also increasing your intake of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids, also avoiding your alcohol consumption as this also can increase your triglycerides and keeping in mind a good exercise program is excellent for weight management and overall healthy weight that again can help lower those fat levels in your blood panel. Those are a couple tips in your diet and lifestyle. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.


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