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Hi guys, my name is Dominique, and I'm a makeup artist. Today, I'm going to be showing you how to apply party makeup. Party makeup is all about your imagination. Whether you are going for a subtle look or a wild look, it's all about you. And today, I'm going to show you how I rock the party. Here are our tools. The first tool we are going to use today is our blending brush. This blending brush is going to allow us to get a good even concentration of color everywhere, as well as blend out any harsh edges. Our next tool is our shadow brush. This brush is really dense. I've chosen this brush because we'll be able to add color to the lid, as well as to the crease, and get a good blend of the colors together. Our third tool is our smudge brush. The smudge brush is going to allow us to build the color in the crease as well as on our lash line after we've added the liner. Next is the eye shadow. This is such a wonderful palette.We are actually going to use every single one of these colors today starting with our highlighter color. We'll mix these together on the lid and on the crease they're kind of neutral really pretty sparkly tones. And then, this really deep charcoal black. That's going to give us that smoky party look we are going for. Next, we are going to do our liner. This liner is a really creamy black liner. It has a little bit of silver glitter in it to play off of the smoky hues that we've chosen. And the last thing that no party look can do without is the mascara. This mascara is going to help to build instant volume to the lash to really complete the look. So, let's start with our party look. We are going to take the blending brush, and we are going to start with this beautiful shimmery white shadow for the highlighter color. I'm going to place this white color all over my brow. I'm really pressing this color on first because it's really shimmery and I only want it to go where the brush is touching. When your shadows have a lot of shimmer to them, sometimes the colors aren't as compact. So, you may need to tap off the excess so you don't get a lot of falling shadow underneath the eye. Next, we are going to use the shadow brush, and we are going to take the lighter of the silvery tones. This color right here we are going to put on our lid and also into the crease. So, I'm going to press this color in here. Remember, this pressing motion is so much better than a sideways swoop that way we are only putting the powder where we want it. And look at how we are building this color. Really creates a definition and a distinction between the highlighter color and the lid color. Next, we are going to use the darker of the silver color. This, we are going to put in the crease as well. It's going to just give that extra little bit of lift to the look. So, we are using the same brush we didn't wipe out any of that other color. We really want those to blend together. See I'm kind of making a V coming from here and going down this way. That's just going to help lift the eye. I'm purposely going to make this look a little sharp. You are going to see this kind of straight line coming in here. By taking the blending brush that we used earlier for the all over color you can blend out that sharp line and you don't have to add any color to do it. It's like a magic eraser. So now that we've applied the basic shadows, we are going to use that deep rich charcoal color to really give it that extra bit of pop. So, we are going to take our smudge brush and we are going to start right on the lash line. And we are just going to build up, I'm kind of doing this diagonal slant. I'm drawing an imaginary line to the outside corner. Okay. Since we've used that darker gray color to create the crease we really don't want to take this color too far into the crease. I'm really concentrating it here on the outside. We are blending in a little bit just to avoid harsh lines but this is really where the concentration of this deep charcoal color should go. It's not perfect so we'll take that blending brush just get rid of any harsh lines. And if you accidentally take away too much color and you want an extra bit of pop just keep adding that charcoal. It's all about building when doing these really dramatic looks. Also whenever I use this brush on the outside corner I use my pinkie as an anchor on my cheek. This helps to just give good precision to where I am trying to apply this. The next thing we are going to do is using our smudger brush again we are going to take a little bit of the white that we used the first color and we are going to put this on the bottom inside corner of the eye. It's just going to brighten that up a little bit. You don't need a lot and it's the same thing, patting and pressing that color into the area that you want it. Okay. Then we'll take the deep rich charcoal color the fourth color, and we are going to start on the outside and work our way into that silver. Then we are going to use that liner that sparkly black glittery liner. It's going to tie it all together. So I'm just going to tug on the eye here a little bit and take this creamy liner and just going back and forth. Just try and get as close to your lash line as possible. If you try to touch your lashes you'll deposit the perfect amount of liner. And then just for some extra kick just bring it out the outside there. It creates like an extra eyelash to lift the eye. Okay. And don't worry if you don't get it perfect so I was telling you we had the smudger brush. Just going to blend that all the way out. Then we are also going to do the bottom the outside corners here. Keep the drama and then also inside of the water line. For our final step is to add the mascara. This is always my favorite part. Tilting the head back and wiggling this through. Applying party makeup should only take about six to eight minutes. The most important thing to remember is that this look is all about you. So create it based on your own style. The most essential item that I used today was the black creamy liner. It had a beautiful bit of sparkle to it that really reflected in the silver pigments we used for the shadow. The cost of these items should range between $50 and $150. So, take my tips on how to apply party makeup, and I'm sure that your look will be the life of the party.


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