How to Draw a Football in Photoshop

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Using clip art makes it easy to draw a football in Photoshop. Discover how to create a realistic-looking football with the help of a graphic designer using this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Traci Parrish. I'm a Graphic Designer, and today I'm going to show you a simple way to draw a football in Photoshop. What I've done is downloaded a simple photo of a football, and I'm going to place it in a new document. I'm going to reduce the opacity so you can just barely see it. And we're going to use it as a guide. Then, we're going to make a new layer and use that to draw in. I'm going to select the pen tool and now I'm going to make a simple shape following the shape of the picture by pulling the blanks, it creates curves and then I adjust it until I get it right. We're going to fill it in with the brown color. Taking on the white, I'm going to select the color that's close to the pixel. Now, we have a football shape; the opacity is down to twenty percent, so I can still see the picture on the background. Using the same pen tool, we'll trace the shape of the white strips; still using the pen tool on a new layer, tracing the shape of the white stripes in the background and manipulating the curves until it follows them. And then the laces, as you can see, there are points and we manipulate the points until we get the shape right. Then, using the paint brush, I draw in the lists. Now, we're going to go in and bring all these shapes up to their full color and get rid of the picture in the background. Now, we're going to add a little bit of shading to the football so it looks a little more three-dimensional. So, I take the paintbrush and selecting black by holding down control and clicking on the layer where my football shape is. It's now selected in the area inside. I pick a paintbrush, very large and blurred edges and increase the size. By making a new layer above our football layer, I can color inside by just following around the curve of the football. It doesn't color outside of where we've selected. If I select white, I can also go on the top and make it look lighter. If you want to go back and add your brown again, just select the color and go right over. By hitting control and D, it de-selects. And now, you have a three-dimensional football. And that was a simple way to draw a football using Photoshop.


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