How Do I Change Hair & Eye Color Using Photoshop?

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Changing the hair and eye color of a person in a digital image requires careful adjustments to look natural. Make changes to your digital images with the help of a graphic designer using this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Traci Parrish. I am a graphic designer, and I'm going to show you today how to edit hair and eye color using Photoshop. I'm going to place the image we're going to edit into my document. Here, you can see the back of a girl's head. We're going to change her hair color. I've saved some selections. So, now I've selected just her hair. This way the background and her skin color won't change. I'm going to go up to image and in the drop down menu I'm going to select adjustments. I am now going to point to color balance. A pop up menu comes up, as you can see it has all my colors. Depending on what I want my results to be, I can click and drag and as you can see, the selected area will change. I can slide over to red, add some yellow and we end up with a bright red. By returning the sliders back to the middle, you return to your neutral start. A little magenta and blue creates an auburn brown. You can even use this same method if you want to do something crazy like green or blue or purple. Let's say we want to make her blond. That's going to require us to remove the color completely and go back in and add color. Going back up to image and adjustments I'm going to desaturate. What this is, is going to remove all the color as if it was a black and white photo. See now her hair is very gray. This would also work well to actually make her hair black. But we're going to make her blond so we're going to go into adjustments, brightness contrasts, we're going to brighten it up a little bit, maybe add a little bit of contrast just for some dimension. We're going to open our color balance again and we're going to play with the levels until she looks like she has sort of golden blond hair. In adjustments again, we can actually saturated the color to make it a little more intense and a little brighter. So now you can see we've taken our brunette and we've made her a blond. Now I'm going to show you how to change eye color using a similar method. I'm placing the picture over the eye. Now I'm loading my selection. I saved this earlier and it's just the iris of her eye. Again we're going to go to adjustments and color balance. By playing with our sliders, we can make it green or even do crazy things like red. We'll make it blue and hit okay, adjustments to our brightest in contrast. You can move the slider up and down and it will bring out some of the details, make it darker or brighter whichever you prefer. And that was how to edit hair and eye color using Photoshop.


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