Five-Minute Abdominal Yoga Workout

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Breathing is extremely important when working out the abdomen. Incorporate breathing into your exercises with the helpful tips provided by a certified yoga instructor in this free video of a five-minute abdominal workout.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Callie Hanson from Revolve Fitness, and today we're going to be talking through a five minute Yoga abdominal workout. One thing to remember, whenever we're doing abdominal workouts within Yoga, is to make sure that we're aware of our breath. So, we want to make sure that we're breathing deeply in from our bellies and exhaling from our nose. And then, being mindful of, within each movement of an ab workout, breathing through those. The first thing we want to do, is come in on all fours on our mat. Making sure that we strapped our shoulders over our wrist and our hips over our knees. To warm up our core here, we're going to right into spinal balance. So, we're going to extend our right leg back, behind us, our left arm forward. Inhaling, out and exhaling, back to center. We're going to do the same thing on the other side, right arm out, left leg out and then, back to center. We'll do our first series of about 10 to 15 breaths. The second thing we're going to do after that, is go right into plank. And then, in plank we want to make sure our shoulders are over our wrist. We're going to come up on those feet, push backwards through our heels. We want to make sure in plank that we're not lowering or going too far up or staying steady. We'll hold this for about 15 good deep breaths. From here, when we come back on to all fours. And then, we're going to shift our feet out from under us, out to the top of our mat. From here, let's make sure we feel our bottom firmly into the mat, we're going to shift towards our ankles. And then, lower vertebrae by vertebrae, on to the mat. From here, we're going to make sure we feel our shoulders in the mat, interlock our right and left hands. Put that right behind our neck, open up those shoulders wide. We're going to go in a bicycle, lifting our shoulder blades up towards the mat. Spinning our right shoulder into our left knee, exhaling, back to center. Same thing on the other side, left shoulder to our right knee, back to center. We want to do that for about 20m breaths. Then we're going to take our arms overhead, inhaling, up, allow those hands come over our knees, exhaling, down. And we're going to come back to seated position, spinning around on to our mats. And this has been how to do a five minute abdominal Yoga workout.


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