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You can intensify your yoga workouts by changing your breathing and engaging your core at all times. Explore these different exercises with the helpful tips provided by a certified yoga instructor in this free video on intense yoga training.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Callie Hanson from Revolve Fitness, and today we're going to be talking about intense Yoga training. My training in Yoga is on Hatha Yoga, a physical type of Yoga which means everything in its place. And part of Hatha Yoga is also being aware of our bodies and our breathing. And whenever we engage in intense Yoga training, we want to make sure we're aware of our breath. We want to, within our practice, make sure that our deep breathing never begin, becomes ragged or shallow because that allows us to notice that our training is becoming too intense. So, I would encourage you as we talk about intense Yoga to make sure and be mindful of your breath and honoring your body. There are couple ways to intensify your Yoga practice. One way is as your being mindful of your breath to hold your breath for longer periods of time within your poses. So, say you're in Warrior I and typically you hold that pose for three to five breaths, I would say extend that to maybe five to ten breaths or even fifteen to really work on building strength in those muscles. A second way to intensify training is as you breath, to make sure you're breathing in from your nose and out from your nose. When you breath with your nose, it's a filter, it helps warm you up from the inside out and that's going to really help you build up a sweat within your workout. And then the third and final way to intensify Yoga practice would be to make sure your core is engaged at all times in every series of movements especially within your balance poses. That's going to really help you not only be mindful of your breath, warming up from the inside out; but, they're also going to help you build up your strength and endurance in your core. This has been how to do an intense Yoga workout.


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