Yoga Poses for Migraine Headaches

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Yoga poses can help relieve the intense pain caused by migraine headaches. Educate yourself about yoga poses for migraine headaches with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga poses for migraine headaches. The first pose that we can do or exercise involves just massaging right in the middle of your forehead or right in between the eyebrows. So, simply take your thumb, place it right in the middle, right between your eyebrows. And you're going to just close your eyes and gently massage right between those eyebrows. So, you can go 10 times in one direction, and then 10 times in the other direction. Or, you can continue to perform this little massage for as long as you want, and then, rest. The second little exercise or massage you can perform involves your index finger and the middle finger. You're going to start in the middle, just like we did in the thumb massage, in the middle of your eyebrows and you're going to gently massage up and out towards the temples. Start right in the middle, up and out. And just continue to massage and just create blood flow and circulation, release the muscles that are above the eyes and that will help to alleviate tension. Another exercise we can perform creates heat. So, it's just like your own natural little heating pad that we can create with the hand. So, you're going to take your hands and create a lot of friction here, creating heat and then, place your hands right over your eyes and just let that heat dissipate right into your eyes and into the sinuses, right below your eyes. And then, once the heat dissipates, do it again. Take your hands back and forth, creating lots of heat and then, place right over your eyes and just allow that to settle in. And it's the heat and the warmth that just releases the muscles and the tension. Now, another exercise that we can perform are shoulder rolls. Now, with shoulder rolls, you know, a lot of times we create tension in the neck. If we're sitting at the computer all day, we're tight being and so, we kind of hunch our shoulders up into our ears. So, we just need to create heat and release that tension out of the shoulders. So, big shoulder rolls, go into the back and then go to the front with those shoulders and just release the tension. And I always like to close my eyes when I perform exercises or Yoga practices, just makes it nice and release those shoulders. Now, the neck. So, we're going to lower the chin down towards the chest and rotate the head to one side. So, if you have neck tension or tightness in the neck, that can transfer to your head and create some migraines. So, we need to release the tension in the neck so that it does not transfer to the head and to the sinus cavities. So, releasing those neck muscles. And then, those are some great Yoga poses for migraine headaches. I'm CarolAnn for


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