Yoga Tips for People With Thyroid Disease

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More and more people with thyroid disease are turning to yoga for relief. Find out a few yoga tips for people with thyroid disease with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga tips for people with thyroid disease. The one thing that we want to remember is that those with thyroid disease, we want to create some energy, some blood flow to the thyroid region. So, we can focus on our breath and our movement at the same time. So, the first pose or exercise we can do for that is you're in a kneeling position. Place your hands right at your hips and we're going to press the hips forward and pull the shoulders back and the elbows back and lengthen, opening up the neck area. So, we inhale, "Hmmm", and exhale, bring the chin and back down. And inhale, open and exhale, bring it down. Continue performing this, open up the throat for about ten reps. Inhale, open and exhale, release. So, those are our chinless. Next, what we can do are neck roll. So, we lower the chin down towards the chest, rotate the head to one side. So, bring the ear to the shoulder and then, slowly rotate to the other side, the ear to the other shoulder. Just think about opening up the neck. And make sure that when you're breathing, you exhale as you roll, inhale as you open. And those are our great head rolls. And then our last pose or exercise that we can perform is the Fish. Come down on your mat. Extend your legs and settle in. Now, for some of us who have back issues, you may want to take your hands and place them underneath the small of your back. And what we're going to do is we're going to really elevate the heart and elevate the neck area moving into the Fish Pose. So, you start and you initiate in your core and you, it's somewhat like a back bend; so, you're arching your back off the floor. So, lift yourself up and then, you're going to place your head right at the crown of the head on the floor. So, we inhale as we move into the Fish Pose, "Hmmm", and then, you just want to really elevate the heart, breath, five deep belly breaths. And then when you're finished, gently lower out of the pose. Remove your hands from your back and then, just let that settle in. I always like to call that marinating; just marinate. Just listen to your body and just focus on how you're feel, how you're feeling. And when you're finished, gently sit up. And that is some great Yoga advice for those with thyroid disease. I'm CarolAnn, for


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