Yoga Routine for Sciatica Relief

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A specific yoga routine can help relieve the negative effects of sciatica. Relieve your sciatica with a yoga routine with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you a Yoga routine for sciatica relief. So, when you have sciatica, you've got really tight hips, so the nerve maybe irritated. So, we need to stretch and lengthen the outside of our hips. So, the first pose we're gong to perform, is a Seated Twist. So, take one leg out, and activate that leg, sit up really nice and tall. Then, take the opposite leg, hug your knee in towards your chest. So, right now, when you hug your knee and especially, if you have sciatica. You're really going to feel that tension right there, in the outer hips. So, we're going to release that. So, the longer you hold, the more we're going to release. So, we inhale, exhale, twist as you look over the back shoulder. And you want to continue to hold that knee in, towards your chest. And every time you exhale, see if you can go a little further. And you're breathing in through the nose, out through the nose, nice, long breaths. Hold this pose for about five breaths and then, release and come back to center. Now, another pose you can perform involves just a one legged stretch. So, you bring this foot in and you want to settle in, right on those Sitz bones, and you're stretching forward. So, we inhale, open the chest, and exhale as you come forward. Now, this is a prime example of the squeaky wheel gets the oil, right. So, if you're tight in your hamstrings, you're really going to feel this in your hamstring. If you're tight in your outer hip, you have sciatica. You're going to feel it more, right down here, in this area. So, if you do have sciatica, that's where you're going to feel it, first because that's where you're tight. So, you're going to hold this pose for five breaths, with every exhale, you can go a little more, and then, release. Now, the next pose that we're going to perform, is the Pigeon Pose. So, what you're going to do, is come over to a position where, you are one knee and you have your back leg extended. Now again, if you have sciatica, this heel should go right towards the groin, because it's super tight back here. And the back leg is fully extended, the top of the foot is resting on the floor. What you don't want do, you don't want to have a teeter-totter out to the side, you want your hips leveled. So, we're right here, with the hips parallel to the floor. Now, this maybe fine, this maybe enough for you, because you are so tight, right here in this area. But if you can take it down a little bit more. Come down to your forearms and then, this maybe the level you should be at, or take your fist, left fist on top of the other. Or you can come all the way down. When you are in your pigeon pose, deep breathing, five deep breaths should be enough. So, inhale through the nose, exhale. And every time you exhale, just visualize that stress and tension just melting away in that hip area. And then, just coming out of your body. So, this is a great pose here, for that sciatica problem. Just hold for five breaths and then, switch to the other side. And those are some great yoga poses, a great Yoga routine that you can perform, to relieve sciatica. I'm CarolAnn for


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