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Yoga can be a great way to lessen the effects of common allergies. Find out about yoga for allergies with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga for allergies. So, the first thing we're going to focus on is our breath. So, there are two techniques. First one is fire breathing. So, fire breathing is inhaling completely and exhaling forcefully. So, we want to do do it very fast. So, in fire breathing we inhale and then go for it, "Hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh". And when you're performing fire breathing, you're really using those abdominal muscles; we're getting in fresh oxygen into the body. Now, if your nose is a little stuffy, you may have a, a little bit more difficult time; but, but, it really does help clear the airways and, and get things flowing. The second breathing technique is alternating nostril breathing. So, you're going to take your thumb and your ring finger and your pinkie for this one. Take your thumb, place it on one nostril and you inhale; so, I have it on my right nostril. So, I inhale, "Hmmm", place the ring finger and the pinkie over on the left nostril, then exhale, "Hhhhh". Then, inhale, "Hmmm", and exhale, "Hhhhh". So, just make sure after you exhale one nostril, you inhale at the same, right after you exhale. So, that's alternating nostril breathing. Now, moving into some poses. Come on down to a lying down position. We're going to go into the bridge. So, the bridge, you want to settle into this position; feet firmly planted on the floor, hip width apart. And we start with the tail bone. Inhale to prepare, "Hmmm", and exhale, peel up one vertebrae at a time, pull, placing the hips towards the ceiling. Pressing, inhale at the top, "Hmmm", and exhale in printing down. Now, I really like to close my eyes when I practice Yoga because it helps me to visualize what I'm doing, where I'm firing in terms of my muscles and my nervous system. I really like to focus my attention on what's happening in the body, drawing awareness to what's going on. And just perform this about ten times, really utilizing your breath; inhaling at the top and then, exhaling as I come down. The next one, I'm going to scoot forward towards the front of my mat and I'm going to move into a shoulder stand. So, in shoulder stand, I can help my hips up with my hands or I can push off the floor. And this is somewhat a little bit more advanced; but, it's a great one. So, we're lifting up, pressing up with the hips and in shoulder stand, you can start off with your knees bent and that's good. So, you're on your shoulders and not your neck; make sure you're breathing and then, where you have to hang up this position; then, you can extend your legs up. And so, you're really breathing through this pose, inhaling, exhaling through the nose always, "Hhhhh", and just opening up those airways. When you finish this pose after five breaths, just simply bend your knees and gently roll out. And that is Yoga for allergies. I'm CarolAnn for


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