Yoga Poses for the Neck

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Neck muscles can develop tension, but a few useful yoga poses such as chin tucks, neck rolls, shoulder lifts and chin lifts can get the blood flowing and relieve that tension. Keep your neck feeling great with the help of this free video on yoga therapy.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you yoga poses for the neck. The idea here is to create blood flow to the neck muscles, and to relieve any stress or tension that has been caught up in your muscles. So, we want to lengthen, and then create movement, and just kind of ease that tension out. So, we're going to start with a simple chin tuck. So, we inhale through the nose, and exhale. Lower the chin towards the chest. Inhale, lifting up. And, exhaling, lowering the chin down towards the chest. We always inhale when we open, then exhale as we fold. And, perform about 10 reps. Next, we're going to perform neck rolls. So, we lower the chin towards the chest, we rotate the head to one side, you ear coming towards the shoulder, and make sure that you're really lengthening the opposite side. So, we've got the neck on down to the shoulders. So, pressing the shoulder down. And, rotate the chin forward, and take the other ear to the other shoulder. Again, pressing the opposite shoulder down, away from the ear, so that you're creating length through the neck. And, gently rotate to the other side again. So, we inhale as we lengthen, then we exhale as we start to rotate. So, we're creating a little bit of movement here, just making the neck feel nice and loose, and also creating blood flow. You can perform about 10 reps, and up. Next, we've got shoulder rolls. So, you want to lift the shoulders up, back, and down. And, when you really lower those shoulders down, that's going to stretch the neck muscles. So, lift the shoulders up, back, shoulder blades coming down the spine, opening up the chest, opening up the neck. And up, and down. You can do 10 one way, then reverse, go the other way with those shoulder rolls. And, that's going to help to release all the tension that's in the shoulders. Which that, in essence, transfers to your neck. Now, to really open the neck, really lengthen here in the front, we're going to inhale as we open, lifting the chin upward. And then, exhale, lower the chin all the way down. So, we've got a greater range of motion here. Inhale, lift the chin. And, exhale, lower the chin. Inhale, lift and lengthen. And, exhale. Now, the last neck exercise that we can do, is you're lengthening through the neck, and then we're going to jet the bottom jaw outward, and that's really going to stretch the neck. So, we're here, and we're going to move the bottom jaw. And then, release. Again, out, release. One more. And, release. So, we have some great yoga poses for neck muscles. We had our chin lifts, and we had our chin tucks, then our neck rolls. So, that's really going to loosen up those neck muscles and create heat in the neck, get blood flowing. And then, before you know it, all o that stress and tension is going to be released. I'm CarolAnn with


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