Yoga & the Achilles Tendon

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When Achilles tendons become tight, yoga stretches from the Forward Fold position will help lengthen the tendons so you can regain your flexibility. View an expert demonstration in this free video on yoga therapy.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga and the Achilles tendon. Now, there are a lot of Yoga poses that incorporate stretching the Achilles tendon. So, sometimes we get really tight in that area. So, just to focus specifically on the Achilles tendon, we're going to really lengthen that out. So, what you need is, a Yoga mat rolled up and you're going to gently, just place the balls of your feet, right on that Yoga mat. And that really helps to lengthen those Achilles tendons, right off the bat. Then, you're going to gently fold over, slightly bend your knees, and drop down to a forward fold position. So, your knees are slightly flexed and you're lowering your chest down towards the thighs. And you're going to feel that nice stretch, right up in the Achilles tendon, into the calf muscle. Now, once you're settled in, you can begin to straighten those knees and then, creep your finger tips forward. Feeling a deeper stretch in those Achilles tendons. And just hold for five deep breaths and just feel the lengthening. And when you're finished, gently walk your finger tips back up, bend those knees. And then, come back to standing position, step off your mat, and rest. And that is Yoga for your Achilles tendon. I'm CarolAnn for


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