Yoga for Throat Problems

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Throat problems respond to the yoga practice known as Ujjayi breathing, while inhaling through a curled tongue cools the air for the throat. Learn specialized breathing techniques for throat care in this free video on yoga therapy.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you Yoga for throat problems. Now, when we are performing Yoga and especially if we do have throat, throat problems, we want to focus on how we're breathing. So, in Yoga, we want to breath in through the nose, down through the back of the throat, through the heart and to the belly. And as we exhale, we reverse that process. But, it's all through the throat. So, we're, we're creating energy and, and vitalization back there in the throat. So, in your breathing inhale, "Hmmm", "Hhhhh"; and as you're inhaling and exhaling through the back of the throat, it may sound somewhat like a snoring noise and that is what we call Ujjayi breathing. So, inhaling through the nose, out through the nose through the back of the throat. Another technique for breathing for throat problems is that you're going to curl your tongue and you're going to breath in cool air and that will help your throat. So, you just stick your tongue out, curl it up on both sides and breath. So, this is what this looks like. "Hssss", "Hhhhh", "Hssss", "Hhhhh". And you can perform that breath about ten times. Now, your Yoga poses or your movement; we're going to move into a shoulder stand. So, you want to come to the edge of your mat. Gently come down in a lying down position and to move into the shoulder stand, you want to gently, if you want, you can pick your hips up with your hands or you can press your arms down on the floor, lifting your hips up and gently placing your hands under the small of the back. And then, you want to straighten out as much as you can. And make sure that you're on your shoulders and not on your neck and you can hold this shoulder stand pose for about five breaths. And then, move into a plow position. Gently lowering the legs over the head and the tops of your feet on the floor. And just lengthen your arms, breath into this pose; inhaling, exhaling through the nose. When you are ready to come out of this position, gently place your hands on the small of your back and take one leg up, then the other leg up; you're back into your shoulder stand. Bend your knees and roll out. And those are some great Yoga poses for throat problems. I'm CarolAnn, with


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