Yoga Poses to Prevent Side Cramps

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Athletes commonly develop side cramps when performing exercises, but yoga poses such as Camel Pose help you lengthen and loosen those muscles that want to seize up. Enjoy cramp-free workouts with the aid of this free video on yoga therapy.

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Hi, I'm Carol Ann with and I'm going to show you Yoga poses to prevent side cramps. Now, as athletes or runners or very active people, as we're doing our exercises, we may come across side cramps. So, I've got a couple of poses for you that will help to prevent that. The first one we're going to do is the Camel Pose. So, simply place your feet about hip width apart and place your hands right at your hips. And you're going to drop your shoulders back, drop your elbows back, squeeze your gluts and lean back. And you're lifting your heart up towards the sky and breathing in and out through your nose deeply. So, inhale, "Hmmm", and exhale, "Hhhh", and just really lengthening the abdominals. And you can hold this pose for about five breaths and then, release out of that pose. Another great pose is to just come into a standing long position, clasping your fingers together and really lengthen through your entire body because when you get side cramps, these are your muscles in your abdominal re, regions ceasing up. So, we want to lengthen. We want to make sure that they're nice and warm. So, we inhale, lifting through the ribcage, "Hmmm", and exhale as we lean to the side and continue to lengthen upward and outward. And with every exhale, we can come a little further into the stretch and gently come out of the stretch. After you hold your pose for five breath, take it to the other side. And remember, every time you lean or you fold into a stretch, that is when you exhale. So, as you're holding this stretch, every time you exhale, see if you can go a little further. So, I'm pushing my hips in one direction as I lengthen in the opposite direction. And then, I inhale as I come out of the pose and then, just gently bring the arms back down. Now, before you exercise, if you want to utilize this pose to prevent this pose to prevent side cramps, you can add some movements. So, you're creating heat and you're warming up those abdominal muscles or your oblique muscles. So, as you lift and lengthen through the stretch, you can come to one side; exhale as you fold, inhale as you come to center, exhale as you come to the other side, inhale as you open and then, you can perform about 10 sets of the side stretch. So, those are some great Yoga poses to prevent side cramps. I'm CarolAnn with


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