Yoga Exercises for Digestion

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Yoga exercises that involve twisting and stretching the trunk area massage the internal organs to improve your digestion. Learn a yoga routine for digestive health in this free video on yoga therapy.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you yoga exercises for digestion. Now, the whole purpose of these exercises is to get the internal organs massaged, and get things moving. So, we're going to do some twisting poses. The first pose that we're going to do is in a modified Lotus Position. We're going to sit up nice and tall. And, if you need a pillow underneath you, or a block, or something to elevate you, and allow your knees to lower down, that's up to you. So, you want to get comfortable in your sits bones, sitting up nice and tall, rolling the shoulders back and down. And, we inhale to prepare, and exhale as you twist to one side. And, you're gently placing your hand on your knee, you're looking over that back shoulder. And, every time you exhale, see if you can go just a little bit further. And, really utilize your breath, creating heat in that spine. Hold this pose for about five breaths. And then, as you twist, inhale, come to the center, and then exhale, go to the other side. Same thing, hold for about five full breaths. And then, inhale as you return back to center. Now, another spine twist pose that could do is, extend one leg, and then cross the other leg over, hug that knee into your body, and you want to activate this leg that remains on the floor. So, pull that knee in towards your chest, inhale, sitting up really nice and tall, and then exhale. As you twist, look over that shoulder, and hold this pose for about five full breaths. And, remember again, every time you exhale, see if you can go further into that stretch. After five breaths, inhale, come to the front. And, switch sides. Inhale to prepare, sitting up nice and tall, exhale as you twist, holding this pose. Five full breaths. And, coming back to the center when you are done with those five breaths. Now, the next exercise, come all the way down in a laying down position. So, you have your legs fully extended, nice and long through your body. Bring one knee up towards the chest, just give it a nice little stretch. And then, release. Bring the other knee in, stretch, and just alternate those nice little stretches. You could do about five to 10 of those stretches, alternating. And then, after 10, take one knee, and gently cross over the body. Now, depending on how tight you are, you know, just gently let that knee come over your body. And, your goal is, you want to try to try anchor the shoulders into the floor as much as you can. And, you know, don't worry about what you look like. You know, we're all tight, we're all doing things on a day to day basis. It's all about what you feel, not about how you look. So, I want you to really feel your abdominals, the outside of your hip, holding this for five breaths, coming back to the center, and then go to the other side. When you're finished, come up to a seated position. And, those are some great yoga poses to help digestion. I'm CarolAnn, with


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