Isometric Training With a Resistance Band

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Isometric exercises strengthen muscles using a limited range of motion, and resistance bands intensify the workout. Develop isometric moves with tips from a certified fitness instructor in this free video on isometric exercises with resistance bands.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert and creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you how to do some isometric exercises with the band. We are going to do a squat first. And I'm going to reach down here on the band to get a better grip to make more tension in the band. Because really the part that I'm going to work on is when we stand up. So, as it's tense, we squeeze in our abdominals, exhale tucking in our tail bone and hold this move for 10 seconds. Squeezing as tightly as you can. Your buttocks, your quads, your abs, your back, neck long, shoulders down. Exhale, inhale and then slowly after 10 seconds then you can do it again. Coming down it kind of gives you a little bit of a break. And then as you come up, a nice squeeze, as tight as you can, holding it. Breathe deep into your body. Shoulders down, neck long. Tailbone tucked under. back is nice and straight. And knees are slightly bent. We are going to go from this move to another one. I'm going to put the band underneath one of my feet. Lets do the right foot. I'm going to bend the knee and step back. Again, with tension on the band, hold the band in. Elbows into your waist and just stretch forward. Breathing pressing your heals down. You also want to hold this for 10 seconds, breathing and stretching. And that resistance pulling with your hands against it to make it even tougher on the body. And you will feel the burn in your leg. Then after 10 seconds, bend the knee. Come back to start. And start again. I'm Amy Newman. Thanks for joining me as I show you isometric moves you can work with the band.


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