Hip Flexor Exercises and Gymnastics

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Gymnastics students and professional alike use hip flexor exercises such as straddle circles and step overs, with or without the addition of weights. Learn how to work those hip flexors in this free video on exercise tips and gymnastics.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Melanie Wysong. I am the compulsory director and head coach at Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan, Utah. We are going to discuss a hip flexor exercise, and we just call them straddle circle. So, she's going to sit in a straddle position, with her hands close to her, lift her legs up, and attempt to make circles forward, and backward. In order to make this skill harder, she's now going to reach farther forward, and do the same exercise. As the gymnast gets stronger, we can put weights on their feet, and add to this exercise also. The second exercise we're going to do are step overs. Maddy will pick up her foot, step across the mat, and bring it back. Now, this exercise, it's very important to keep the foot forward. Will you do one with your foot turned out? A lot of the gymnasts will turn their feet out, or bring their feet around the block. It's very important that the foot is straight forward, up, and out. The other part of the exercise is just a 45 degree lift, and back down. And then, a 90 degree lift to the side, and back down. These, you can utilize weights on this, so long as the gymnast is doing it in correct body form. My name i Melanie Wysong, I'm with Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan, compulsory director, and head coach. And, we are discussing hip flexor exercises.


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