Beginning Gymnastics for Girls

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Beginning gymnastics for girls include floor drills that emphasize spatial awareness such as the forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel and handstand. Learn from a professional coach in this free video on exercise tips and gymnastics.

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Video Transcript

My name is Jami Sharp, and I am the competitive program director and head coach at Black Diamond Gymnastics and Sports Center in South Jordan, Utah. What we're going to do today is we are going to show you some basic beginner gymnastic skills, and we're going to show them to you on the floor. So, the first skill that we're going to show you is going to be a forward roll. Forward roll is fundamental for the children to learn air awareness, to know where their body is and what it's doing at all times. So, we're going to show you that first, and I've got a demonstrator today. Her name is Kaitlyn, and she's going to come and help me. Kaitlyn is going to help us, and she's going to show us today a forward roll. A basic forward roll is going to start with the arms up tall to the ceiling, reaching down toward the ground, tucking the chin and rolling and a big stand to finish. The biggest thing you want to make sure you're doing is looking at your belly button as you roll, having the back part right here, the upper back touch the ground and not the head and as you stand, reaching forward in a tuck position to finish. Let's show you one more time. Standing tall, roll, tuck to a finish, perfect. The next skill we're going to show you is a cartwheel. Starting a cartwheel in a nice tall stand with one foot in front, reaching out forward, making the cartwheel long and stretched, and a big nice finished position and a lunge. A lunge is with the leg forward, knee a little bit behind the toe, chin up, ribs in, base leg straight, perfect. Another skill that's basic in gymnastics is a backward roll. And we're going to start in a big tall stand, sit so that your bum is near your toes, near your heels and sit and roll, pushing off the ground and stand in a tuck finish, perfect. And a final skill that we're going to teach which is basic for tumbling in gymnastics is a handstand. The biggest thing we want to do in a handstand is start standing tall with the one foot in front, reaching out in front, making sure the feet kiss at the top in the air and a big finish in a lunge. Again, I'm Jami Sharp, competitive program director and head coach at Black Diamond Gymnastics and Sports Center in South Jordan and this is Kaitlyn Castill as my demonstrator, and we have just been discussing floor drills in gymnastics.


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