Knee and Hand Drills for Beginner Gymnasts

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Trampoline-based knee and hand drills for beginner gymnasts include bounces, donkey kicks and handstands. View a demonstration in this free video on exercise tips and gymnastics.

Part of the Video Series: Gymnastics Tips and Exercises
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Video Transcript

I'm Shane Spencer, trampoline and power tumbling coach here at Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan. Today, we're here going over basic gymnastics, positions for the trampoline. Starting on the hands and knees, we're going to have the gymnast do slight little bounces to their tummy, so hands, knees, to their tummy. This can be performed multiple times to get the gymnast used to the trampoline, the bounce and also get used to air awareness. From there, we do progressions. Progressions from hands and knees to a donkey kick, hands and knees to a handstand, hands and knees all the way to fall over. So, the hands and knees to a donkey kick. They're going to do bouncing first, donkey kick, donkey kick and then after they get that down and they can hold their weight over their shoulders, they're going to go donkey kick to handstand. So, that goes donkey kick, handstand, donkey kick, handstand. From there, goes donkey kick, handstand to fall flat back. So, that one they can start standing up, fall to their knees, donkey kick handstand, fall to their back bouncing over to their feet. Again, I am Shane Spencer, trampoline and tumbling coach at Black Diamond Gymnastics here in South Jordan, and we have just gone over hands and knees drills for beginning gymnastics on trampoline.


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