Lead Ups and Beginning Gymnastics

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Lead ups and progressions such as push-ups, tucks, pikes and straddles the form a strong technical foundation for beginning gymnastics. start from strength with the advice in this free video on exercise tips and gymnastics.

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Video Transcript

I'm Shane Spencer with Black Diamond Gymnastics. I am the power tumbling and trampoline director, here with my assistance, Jami, going over lead ups and progressions in beginning gymnastics. So first, we want to start with the push-up position. When the gymnast is doing the push-up position, making sure their shoulders are right above their wrists, supporting their body all the way through, all the way down to their ankles, showing a little bit of a hollow position. The next skill that we're going to be doing is a tuck position. When they do tucks, we always like to have them bring their knees up to their chests, holding onto their knee, not crossing over or hugging their arms, making sure their back is up tall and facing forward. The next skill is a pike. Pike position is straight legs all the way to a pointed toe to the end of the foot. When they reach for pike, they're going to reach as far as they can possibly reach with their head down, making sure that they are squeezing everything tight. Next, we do straddles. When we do straddles, legs are straight, knees up to the ceiling, turned out if possible. Sometimes flexibility is limited and they kind of have a little but if a turn in, making sure you're reminding the gymnast to turn their knee up and squeeze tight with a pointed toe. After learning all these positions, the gymnast learns running, jumping into every single position we have just gone over, tuck, straddle and pike. Again, I am Shane Spencer with Black Diamond Gymnastics, and we just have gone over lead ups and progressions in beginning gymnastics.


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