How to Teach a Cast Handstand on the Bars in Gymnastics

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When a teach a child how to perform a cast handstand on the bars, you must first allow the child grow comfortable turning upside down and and falling onto the mat before teaching the handstand itself. Get expert advice from a coach in this free video on exercise tips and gymnastics.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Melanie Wysong. I am the Compulsory Director and head coach at Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan, Utah. This is Madison Hazard, and she's going to help me today to show some progressions for a cast handstand. Our first progression, we want the child to feel comfortable in being upside down and getting off the bar. So, we're going to start with a straddle up to handstand, go ahead Ms. Maddie, and this can be done by some of your younger children, go ahead, up, and fall to her back. So the gymnast, go ahead and stand up, can get used to begin in the upside down position, being in a tight position, falling on a nice soft mat and she can be a little more in control. Okay, we're going to start with our next progression. We start in a seal position on a block and we drop our hands and pop to a handstand, pop, heels first, pop to a hollow. In order to stop, we want the shoulders pressing into the ear. So, her arms were a little wide so I put her into the right position and then she gets to come back down. So, the focus is on correct body positions, a slight heel drive and then a perfectly straight line with our shoulders and our ears. And ultimately, what you want in the end is a really nice kip cast to handstand. A very strong kip is very important, and the finished position in a pike is extremely important for the beginning of the cast. Okay Maddie, holding the pike and casting the handstand. Spotting the kip cast to handstand can be a little tricky, takes a little practice and you want to make sure that your gymnast finishes in a pike position before you change your hands to help her legs to the handstand. Maddie can you show us a kip cast again? Shoulder, pike, change your hands and allow her to come back down. So the kip cast to handstand is a very very vital skill, a very good kip and a strong tight form in the handstand, allows us to achieve that skill with ease. I'm Melanie Wysong. I am the Compulsory Director and head coach at Black Diamond Gymnastics in South Jordan, and we are covering progressions for a cast to handstand, and these are two drills that you can do with your students on their own.


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