How Do I Dissolve Vitamins?

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Many people dissolve vitamins to avoid swallowing them whole or chewing them. However, not all vitamins dissolve. Explore options for getting the vitamins you need with a licensed and registered dietitian in this free video on dissolving vitamins.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. If you're looking to find a way to dissolve your vitamins; for instance, if you maybe can't swallow the vitamin or you don't like the taste when you chew it, it could be as simple as just crushing it up and stirring it into some water. However, some of these vitamins, especially if you're using it from a source of a multivitamin or mineral, will not dissolve completely. Vitamins come in two different forms. Some that are wire, water soluble which would totally dissolve clear, but some that are also fat soluble. So, if you're getting a multivitamin, you might have a combination of those both and the fat soluble ones will not dissolve completely in water just because of their nature and make up. So, look into different options of increasing your vitamins and minerals if you don't like taking a supplement. Our fruits and vegetable are jam-pack with vitamins and minerals. Increasing to maybe a serving or two a day is going to help with your overall vitamin and mineral intake as well. Look at our whole grains, as again, lots of good vitamins and minerals as well as our fiber are included in that casein and the bran and again, that whole wheat that you're having. So, keeping your diet vary, our fruits, vegetables, whole grains and don't forget our protein sources of lean meat, low fat dairy and then, maybe looking into a supplement if you need it. But again, keep in mind, vitamins aren't all created equal. Some are salt, fat-soluble and some are water-soluble, so, you might have a few issues if you're looking for total clarity in that water, again, if you're trying to crush up maybe an over, over-the-counter supplement. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.


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