Workout Plan for Pilates and Yoga: Crescent Pose

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The yoga exercise known as Crescent Pose, performed as a sequence with Downward Facing Dog and Forward Fold, gives your thighs and midsection a real workout. Master Crescent Pose with the help of this free video workout plan for Pilates and yoga.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michelle with Pilates Studio City. We are doing a workout plan with Pilates and yoga. I've already finished the Pilates section, now we're on to yoga. I'm going to be demonstrating from a Downward Facing Dog, we're going to come into a Crescent Pose. We're going to start to build some heat and endurance in our thighs and also we're going to be working our mid section a bit. Come into a Forward Fold and in your Forward Fold, please put weight in the balls of your feet. Let your buns reach up to the sun. Let your head hang freely. I want your to step your left foot back, then your right foot back coming into Downward Facing Dog. From here, inhale your right leg up into the air. Slowly step your right foot through your hands. I want you to align your right toes and your fingertips up in line with each other. Be on the ball of that left foot. I want your to send your right hip back and left hip forward and then slowly lift your hands above your head coming up into a Crescent. Important in your Crescent, keep a lift in your left thigh. You're going to feel a nice good stretch in your left thigh. Belly button pulled in. So, I want you to let this right leg descent down, letting that femur bone just sit right there in your hip socket. Fingertips are reaching up. From here, lowering down, hinging from your waist. Let's inhale back up. We're going to exhale down, inhaling back up. Exhaling down, inhaling up. One more time, let's exhale down and inhale up into a Crescent Lunge, good. Slowly place your fingertips back down on the ground, step that left foot forward, come into a forward fold. Exhale, pull your belly button in and round up slowly one vertebra at a time. Now do that on the other side three times. I'm Michelle Tibbs with Pilates Studio City. We've just did a Crescent Lunge.


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