Workout Plan for Pilates and Yoga: Double Straight Leg

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Double straight-leg Pilates exercises help you stabilize your hips while strengthening your hip flexors and adductor muscles. Get double the health benefit from this free video workout plan for Pilates and yoga.

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Hi, I'm Michelle with Pilates Studio City. I'm here to do a workout plan for Pilates and yoga. This is the Pilates section of this workout. We're going to come into Double Straight Leg. Again, sitting on your tailbone, feet are firmly planted into the mat. I want you to give me a big inhale through your nose, open up wide, exhale everything out, make sure as you exhale, those shoulder blades come down your back. Pull your belly button in and let's slowly lower down one vertebra at a time. Relax and you can always hold the back of your thighs to help you get down. So, let's extend our legs up, toes pointing towards the ceiling. I want to take the circle in between my ankles, holding on to this circle. This circle helps to stabilize your hips, you are working your adductors, the inside of your thighs. Take your hands, stack them one right on top of the other. Take your head in your hands. So, I want your elbows to be out but still you should be able to see them in your peripheral vision. What they are not, your elbows aren't alongside your hip and you're not pulling your chin towards your chest which is putting stress on your neck. Give me a big inhale through your nose, exhale everything out, belly is scooped in. Shoulder blades are up off the ground. I want you to lower your legs down to 45 degrees and hold it, making sure you're not lowering down lower than 45. You get into your hip flexors. We want to stay away from there. So, keeping your legs right at 45, so inhaling down, slowly exhale back up. Let's inhale down and I want you to exhale back up. Inhale down. As you exhale, connect it with your lower belly, exhaling back up. So, give me ten of them. After your tenth one, stay down at 45, really let's engage these adductors here. We're going to squeeze this band slowly 15 times, one, two, three, four, here's your modification, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, slowly bring these toes back up towards the ceiling, let's remove this circle. Bring your knees into your chest nice and tight, squeezing your knees into your chest and you can also rock back from side to side, make circles on the ceiling with your knees, release that lower back. Place your hands behind your thighs. With one rock let's rock and roll up to sit. Thanks for doing this with me. I'm Michelle with Pilates Studio City.


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