Workout Plan for Pilates and Yoga: Double Leg Stretch

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Double your Pilates workout with double leg stretches, developing your breathing technique as you bend your knees, then lengthen your legs as much as possible. View an expert demonstration in this free video workout plan for Pilates and yoga.

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Hi, this is Michelle. I'm with Pilates Studio City. I'm going to be doing a workout plan for Pilates and yoga. We're going to be doing a Pilates section right now, and I'm going to start with double leg stretch. So again, your Pilates breathing is you're going to inhale through your nose, big exhale, through your mouth. Remember when you exhale, we're pulling our belly button into our spine. And so, let's slowly start to roll down one vertebra at a time, belly button pulled in nice and tight lowering all the way down, relax your shoulders, bring those shoulder blades down, nice. From here, bring your knees into your chest. Grab hold of your heels or your ankles so your knees are nice and tight. Give me another big inhale, open up wide, exhale everything out, scoop your belly and lift your shoulder blades up off the ground. Bring your chin towards your chest. So, you're going to be round just like a ball. On your inhale, I want you to come out, bring these legs out to 45 degrees, arms coming over your head, belly button pulled in. Make sure your lower back is imprinted on the mat. If it's not, bring your toes more towards the ceiling. Make sure that your lower back is not hurting. We want to protect your back at all time. Arms are out, keeping your shoulder blades out, up the whole time, exhale, scooping you arms around, bringing your knees back into your chest. So, we inhale out to lengthen, lengthen these muscles. Exhale, scooping around, as you exhale, use you lower belly to bring your knees back into your chest. We inhale out to lengthen and we're going to exhale, scooping around. Modification, inhale out, lengthen, exhale, scooping around. Keep your back on the mat, inhale out and lengthen, exhale scooping around. One more, let's inhale out and exhale scooping around. Relax your shoulders back on the ground. Take your hands behind your thighs, with one rock let's rock and roll up to sit. I'm Michelle, with Pilates Studio City.


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