How Do I Apply Subtle Makeup?

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Applying subtle makeup involves blending the skin tone flawlessly, adding little touches of blush for color and using a very fine eyeliner. Apply subtle makeup for a fresh, natural look with help from a certified image consultant in this free video on makeup application.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kelly Machbitz, certified image consultant and image expert, and today I'm going to show you how to apply subtle makeup. So, subtle makeup is something you want to look natural maybe for a daytime event and I always like to start with a nice ultra powder foundation. A powder foundation is going to go on soft and even, it's not going to settle in the fine lines, and I like to apply it with a sponge, or you could also use a brush for a nice, smooth, even coverage. So, we've already got a little bit of this ultra powder foundation on Keelie here. Just make sure we've got it even. Make sure to take it down along the jawline, smooth it out along the hairline, that look beautiful. And we're going to apply a little cheek color, and I like to use a powder cheek color because we used a powder foundation. If you use a creamy foundation, you want to use a cream cheek color. So, we're going to use a powder and the trick with the cheek color is to apply it with a big, fluffy brush. And you want to just apply it right along the cheekbone and you can see I'm just dabbing it right on the cheekbone. I'm actually tapping the color on, and then I'm going to come back and just blend it out a little bit with my sponge. So you get just a really soft, color on the cheek. I'm going to do that on the other side as well. Just tapping it where you want the color. And then blending it out again with the sponge, and that's the whole trick to a subtle makeup is in the blending. And that looks really soft and beautiful. For the eyes, we're going to just do a quick two-step. We're going to start with a base color. I like to start with a nice, light shade, something close to the skin tone, but maybe a little bit lighter. This is called cream. Close. We're going to just put a nice thin layer of this cream color all over the lid and see how it lightens up that eye area and the other eye. Turn just a little bit. And then we're going to just use a soft, bronzy color just to give her a little bit of contouring, a little bit of shape. Close your eye. And I'm going to just press that right into the crease on the outer third of the eye and a little bit here on the outer corner, just give her a little bit of shape to the eye. Open up, let me see. That's beautiful. And again, we're going to blend. That's the whole trick with the subtle makeup, is we're blending it out. A little bit on the other eye. And blending it. And we're going to do just a teeny bit of liner. For subtle makeup, you don't want to have a really dark, dramatic liner, so I'm actually going to use a powder and my fine liner brush, and we're just going to close your eyes, and we're going to right along the lash line, with the powder. If you wanted a more dramatic look, you could wet your brush, and it would give you a more defined line, but we just want to accent the lashes a little bit. Open up. Beautiful. Let's do the other. Close. Open up. Got a little bit heavy there, let's take some of it, blend that out. Again, the blending is the trick. Open up. Close. And you can add a little bit of mascara if you'd like, Keelie already has some lip gloss on, so that's all I would do for her for this nice, soft, subtle makeup. I'm Kelly Machbitz, certified image consultant and beauty expert.


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