How to Apply Makeup to Different Eye, Face and Lip Shapes

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As each person has different eye, face and lip shapes, applying makeup specific to each shape ensures highlighting your best features. Customize makeup for your face with help from a certified image consultant in this free video on makeup application.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kelly Machbitz, Certified Image Consultant and beauty expert, and today I'm going to tell you how to apply makeup to different eye, lip and face shapes. Beautiful Danielle here has a nice oval face shape, and she has large eyes and large lips. So, what we did for her is we started out by evening out her skin tone, and we did that all over already. You can see that. We did both sides, and then we applied a nice, warm blush just to the cheek area. We kind of want to slender her face just a little bit, so I'm going to apply to the other side, just right to the cheek area. You can see I'm tapping the blush on, keeping it nice and high and to the outside, or the outer third of the face. For the eyes, because she has nice, large eyes, we're going to line them, and we can line them all the way around. If you had a smaller eye, we would probably stop the liner before we got to the inner corners because that tends to close in the eye, but for her we can go all the way across the top, and we're just applying it right along the upper lash line, close and now look up, and the same thing on the lower lashes because she's fair. She has light colored skin, we want to make sure to highlight the eye area. We'll add just a little bit of mascara. She doesn't need a lot because she does have the large eyes, and she has long lashes. I'm just going to apply a little mascara to the tips of the lashes. The other thing I noticed about Danielle, if you look straight ahead, is she's over-tweezed the eyebrow, and with a large eye and large lip it looks to small, it looks out of place. So, what I did over here is I filled it in a little bit with a pencil, and I'm going to do the same thing here on the other side. She needs just a little bit more brow, and that will help balance out her features, and I like to actually go from the outer corner, working my way up to the arch. It makes it a little bit easier to follow your natural brow line, and then filling it in just a little bit. We're going to soften that line out, and that looks great, and then we're going to give her a little lip, and because she has a full lip, we can go with a little bit darker lip color. Dark colors tend to make things recede or look smaller. Light colors make things appear larger, and we're going to go with a matte color. Go ahead and part your lips just a little bit. Matte colors, again, don't add volume, whereas something with a shine or a frosted color could make the lips appear larger. We're going to fill in with our color. Now, if you had smaller lips and want to make them look larger, I would add a gloss over the top of this. Again, that would increase volume and make them look larger. But Danielle does not need that; go ahead and press your lips together. And there you go. I'm Kelly Machbitz, Certified Image Consultant and beauty expert, and that's how you apply makeup to different eye, lip and face shapes.


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