How to Install Subwoofers in a Car

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Subwoofers add massive amounts of bass to a car for deep sounds. Shake the earth below your car with help from a professional car audio installer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Allan Roth. I am the Owner/Operator of Catronics Biscayne here at Miami, Florida. And I'm going to show you how to install a car stereo subwoofer. So, here we go. So, before we get started, we want to make sure we have our tools together. We're going to need wire stripper, hot solder pencil; mine is cordless and some good quality 60/40 resin core electrical solder. I like to solder the wire into the box so that there's no chance that it's going to come loose with an extreme bass note or big bump. So, first, we have to make sure that our soldering irons have been hot and mine has been on for a few minutes; so, I know it's been hot. Then, we're going to take some electrical solder and we're going to heat this wire up. We're going to tin it first. That means that we're going to get it hot and we're going to flow some solder on it and do that on the positive lead and the negative lead and we're going to do the same thing on the terminal cap inside the box. Then, we're going to solder positive to the positive terminal and we're going to solder the negative to the negative terminal. So, here we have the positive and negative leads soldered to the terminal cap using our solder pencil and our resin core solder. Now, we're going to connect that wire to our 10-inch speaker subwoofer. Strip off about a half an inch of installation on the positive and negative wire, and make the connection to the terminals on the back of the woofer. So, we're going to make sure to de-press the terminal far enough so that we can get the wire in the hole; release it, that binding post grabs on to that speaker wire nice and tight. And the same on the negative side, we de-press the terminal fully, insert the wire, release and it's nice and tight. We're going to scepter it to make sure that it's straight in the box. Now, we start with good course thread screws to make sure that it's good and tight and it has a good air seal. You don't want the subwoofer for the weekend. Good and tight. Then, we're going to do it in a cross fashion so we don't torque the basket. And there you have it. Now, we're going to carry this to the car and make the connections. So now, I'm going to turn the box around. So here, we're just going to split the wire down the middle, pull it apart and then, strip about a half an inch of insulation of each side and then twirl it up and get it ready to go into the connector on the back of box. Get our wire; we want to make sure we plug in positive to positive and negative to negative. And that's it, we tuck this wire in, set this up in the corner. And that's how you install a car stereo subwoofer.


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