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Most cars can have third-party audio installed in them, but manufacturers don't always make it easy. Get your new audio system installed quick with help from a professional car audio installer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Allan Roth, owner and operator of Cartronics Biscayne, and today I'm going to show you how to install a car stereo in a 2004 Ford Expedition, step-by-step, here it goes. To install a new radio in the car, we're going to need a few tools, a 7-millimeter socket and ratchet. It really helps if you have a stubby ratchet, a crimper and a wire stripper. So, the first thing we need to do is remove the trim from the dash so we can take the radio out. So, we have two 7-millimeter screws here that hold up this dash panel, so we need to take those out. The dash really just snaps off. So, now we're going to unplug the air conditioner and the on board computer controls. This whole piece can come right out and move out of our way. So, now we've got the dash off, we can take out the two 7-millimeter screws that retain the factory radio and I'm using an extension on the ratchet to get a little more work space. One screw, retain that for use later, take out the other screw, retain that for use later and now we're going to remove the radio so we just grab it, pop it loose and now we're going to unplug the antenna and the wire harness. We have two wire harnesses to unplug, actually three wire harnesses to unplug. One, two and the third one and that's it. Now, we're going to connect our factor wire harness adapter to our radio wire harness and basically we're going to go color by color because the wire harness manufacturer was nice enough to make the colors match the colors on the radio. So, now we're going to assemble the dash kit which is what gives us a housing for the radio so we can mount it securely in the factory opening. So, we're going to mount this side into the side of this dash kit here like this. Make sure that it's all the way in and snugged up good and tight. We're going to do the same on the other side. Make sure we get a good, tight fit that butts up good and tight, then we've got to slide this over the radio, like so. Make sure the radio is in the right way, that always helps. We're going to use the screws that came with the radio to finish the installation of the kit. Now, we're ready to go back to the car and hook everything up. Okay, so we have the subwoofer harness connected to the radio, the factory subwoofer connection, the main connection with all the speakers, and finally we're going to plug in the antenna, make sure that's good and plugged in there, and put the radio back in the dash. So, we're going to put in the two screws that hold the radio in the dash. We want to put them in good and snug and not over tight. So, now that we have the unit secured, the screws nice and snug, it's time to put the face of the dash back on.


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