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When working in Karate with kids, special equipment is required in order to keep kids safe. Set up kids' equipment for safe Karate practice with help from a professional martial arts instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Fred Mergen. I'm a fourth degree black belt in American Kenpo karate, and I'm going to show you the best equipment to use for kids, in my opinion. Here is some of the equipment we use here in my school to protect the children when they're sparring. This is your basic traditional sparring helmet, which protects the ears, the head, the face, and all around. So, if the child was to fight and slip and fall, or get kicked or punched, they're protected at all times. You have your foot gear, which slips on the foot, straps on, and protects them from when they're sparring. Your basic traditional sparring glove, which slides on, still protects you when your punching, hammer fisting, or blocking. Shin guards, where you put over your legs, so if you make shin contact, it does not hurt. Groin cups for women, the boys, and girls. You have your boys and your girls. And, your mouthpiece, which you can pick up at any sporting good store. That is your basic, best equipment for sparring. Now, for training, what we use here is what we call the Century Blocker. You can try and swat the child, and they have to block. Or, you can hold it, and they would punch it and kick it. Or, for moving drills swap it at them, and they have to move to the right or to the left, back or forward. One of the good tools here is also your basic cones. On the cones, you can either write numbers, leave them blank, or even write an exercise. And, you can set up stations, or even set four up in a room and have them run around a big circle or a big square. They have multiple different types of pads, and this is one of the pads we use here. I find it the most efficient when training children, because it has numbers and letters. The person would actually sit in the middle, strap it on, put it on, and you actually look like a rodeo clown for a little bit. And, you have the child stand in front of you, and you can call a letter or a number, and they have to punch or kick. It's very well padded, also. So, if you do get hit, you have plenty of protection. And, this is some of the best equipment I recommend for kids.


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