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Karate practice and fighting involves equipment such as paddles and focus mitts for keeping you safe when training. Employ the equipment safely for training with help from a professional martial arts instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Fred Mergen. I'm a fourth degree black belt in American Kenpo, and I'm going to share with you some of the equipment we use in karate. Here's some of the different types of pads, let's start off here with our paddle. I call it a pork chop. It's great for kicking, punching, and blocking, because it doesn't give you resistance. When you kick it, it kind of goes through. You put your hand through the strap, hold on to it, and just punch it, kick it, as you see fit. This is called a focus mitt, a focus pad. You want to focus all your energy on this small little target, and it can even be used for punching, slapping, elbowing, kicking. This is probably one of the best pads, in my opinion, because it's very versatile. You can use it for almost anything. it's adjustable, some of them are adjustable. Hold it nice and tight, and you're ready to go. For your more serious kicking and punching, you have a body shield, which is a lot thicker than the focus pad. It has handles in the back, on the top, and the sides, so you can hold it either way. You can also slide your hands through the straps to hold on tighter. Hold on to the pad, and your partner can kick, punch, block, and do it on almost anything you'd like, head butt. I like this pad because it's real thick, and it can take a lot, a lot of pressure. Now, these are used more for your cardiovascular workout, your kick, your blocks, your punches. Now, I'm going to move on to the equipment we use for more of the self-defense aspect of karate. You have your sticks. You can use these to do stick drills, to beat on the pads, or with a partner. And then, we can also use these to disarm, to learn how to block against, or defend against a stick. You have knives. Knives are either made of metal, wood, or rubber, or plastic. I like the rubber plastic, because it moves. So, if you get poked by accident, it doesn't hurt as much as the knife made of metal or wood. You can use these, again, to work with a partner. You can strike each other's knives. Or, you can learn how to disarm, takeaways, and self-defense against a knife. Now, you have your plastic or rubber firearms. They're made just like an actual firearm. They have them in different colors, black, blue, red. I personally like to wrap the red tape around the black so it can't be mistaken for a real gun. And with these, we also work against proper way to hold the weapon, proper way to disarm. These are more of your self-defense equipment. Then, you actually have your hanging equipment, like your punching bag, where you can actually sit here and actually punch, kick, and you get both the workout, cardio, and self-defense, because you could use a stick to beat on the pad. And, that was some of the equipment we use in karate.


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