Tips on How to Use Nail Oil

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Nail oil helps keep your nails moistened and fights off dryness that occurs on your skin. Apply nail oil to your fingers properly with help from a professional nail artist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

I'm Amy Hamilton-Weldon, Oakwood Nail Spa, Raleigh, North Carolina, and I'm going to tell you how to use cuticle oil. It's use mainly to, to moisturize your nail and keep them from splitting or peeling or anythings like that. But, I use, I use nail oil for if you put polish on, you can put nail oil on top. Now, it doesn't dry your nails, but, when your nails get to that point where they're not wet but they're not dry yet, they're kind of sticky. And so, if you just brush up against something, they might mess up. Nail oil will make them kind of, whatever you touch, just kind of brush off of it instead of sticking to it and making it mess up. And so, it's, it's use for one that way too. Nail oils, you want to stay away from nail oils that have mineral oil in them. Mineral oil is not a good thing. Lots of people put it in their faces and every, everywhere else and it's, it's really not a good thing. And something you want to be in your nail oil or cuticle oil is Vitamin E. Now, it seems like I can't find a nail oil with a brush in it. Now, they usually have an eyedropper and so, you just take, you don't, you don't need a lot. And so, you just barely drop a, a dot like right at the base of the cuticle and usually it'll run. And what I do is I put one on each nail until I get it all on and then, put the cuticle oil away. And then, you can rub it in or you can just, just rub it enough to where it hits all the spots that you want to hit. Okay, those were just some basic tips; but you should always consult a nail professional.


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