How to Start a New Rose Bush From the Sprout of Another One

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Sprouts of rose bushes, when cut properly, can spawn additional rose bushes on their own. Grow more rose bushes for added effects with help from a professional horticulturist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb for How to start a sprout of a new rose bush off your old sprout. Well, if you've got a little stem that's starting to grow off your old plant, often what you'll do is take your cutters and cut it from the mother plant, either it be a cutting, or sometimes you may get a new little sprout that actually comes off of the base of the plant. The technique is the same no matter if it's a cutting or a little sprout off of there, you're probably going to have to take it and dip it in some kind of rooting hormone to help it to initiate roots. If it starts to put out roots in the next two or three weeks, you're home free. If it starts to wither and turn yellow and then brown, well you've lost that round. But, that's the life of a rose grower, that's the life of a farmer. The rooting hormone will help usually increase your odds greatly. Putting it into a good sterile soil helps greatly. So, make sure you've got a good soil, maybe add some extra peat, extra cow manure to the soil when you're getting ready to start your home planting soil, encourage the moisture holding capacity by increasing the organic matter. Take your little sprout and happy cutting. For, I'm Stan DeFreitas.


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