Growing Conditions for Princess Roses

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The growing conditions for a Princess Rose must be specific, as the plant is quite sensitive. Prepare your planting area for roses with help from a professional horticulturist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. Growing the Princess roses. Like so many roses, you're going to want to improve the soil, and that means you just can't get enough organic matter. Remember, most soils probably have anywhere between one and 10 percent organic matter. Your little Princess rose is going to want more. That means adding extra peat moss, extra Black Kow cow manure, and also, remember that your fertilize, probably with a good third of a cup of fertilizer per two to three foot of spread of the bush. That's going to have to be done about every two to three months. Remember, with the little roses, that you're going to have to trim them from time to time. And also, remember that they need about six hours of good sun a day. As far as watering, probably every couple of days is going to be adequate, depends really on the size of the plant, and how dry your soil gets. In general, put your finger into the soil, if it starts to get dry, it means you need to water. Remember, they're heavy feeders, they need to be trimmed of course, some of the dead wood, and some of the crossing branches. And, if you do that, your roses should do wonderful, and you'll have great results with your little Princess rose. For growing conditions on Princess roses, and for, I'm Stan DeFreitas.


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