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Lacrosse mesh must be strung in a very specific way to increase its maximum effectiveness. String lacrosse mesh the proper way with help from a lacrosse expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is John Galipault from Worthington, Ohio Lacrosse, telling you how to string lacrosse mesh. You need to have mesh, side wall string, hockey laces for shooting string, scissors, pliers and lighter. The first thing to do is to stretch your mesh. Fold the top layer of the mesh so that diamonds match. Take side wall string and place the figure eight knot at one end. Feed the strings through the top holes and through the diamonds, pulling them tight and interlocking the string. Continue across the top of the head string through each hole and through the diamonds of the mesh. When you get to the end, tie off your string through the last hole using a figure eight knot. Once you have the top of the head strung, take another piece of string, tie off one end, feed it through the top hole and through the adjacent diamond. Continue down the head of the stick, threading each hole and every other diamond, interlocking the string. At the end of stringing the side wall tie off the string with the bottom hole, leaving at least three inches for adjustments. Repeat this process for the other side of the side wall. You want to put in at least two shooting strings using the hockey laces at the top of your stick. Begin by weaving the hockey lace through the mesh alternating each end. The purpose, if for shooting strings, for the ball to release from the stick before it hits the plastic. Don't forget to cut any remaining string and burning the end. You shouldn't have more then a three inch piece of string after the knot. This has been John Galipault from Worthington, Ohio, and that is how you string lacrosse mesh.


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