How Do I Apply Eye Makeup With Glasses?

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Despite your eyes being hidden away by glasses, you can still use makeup to accentuate the eyes. Make your eyes shine behind the lenses with help from a professional makeup expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Danielle Cavalear, professional makeup expert. And today, I'm going to show you how to apply makeup with glasses. As you can see, our model has glasses. Now, basically this is a bit of an advantage to you, because these glasses frame your eyes. So, when we apply makeup, it's like a natural frame around the face. So, go ahead and take them off. And, we're going to start with the eyelid, and we're going to go with our darkest brown here. You do need to do everything a little darker with glasses, because you have a bit, go ahead and close, bit of a cover over them. So, it is a little bit more dramatic of makeup. We're going to go with our earth tones, cover the bottom of the lid with a darker brown on both sides. Now, for the top half of the eye, I'm going to go with this off white. This is going to open up the eye and make it pop under the glasses. So, you want to do the dark on the bottom, the lighter on top, all along the brow, into the center. Now, most importantly, our next process for the eye is going to be the eyeliner. We're going to want to use a black, and I like to use this soft brush instead of the crayon. It's just, it applies a lot softer. If you could close. Going to start at the inner corner, and do small strokes all the way to the end. And, this is going to make the eye look bigger under the glasses. You can extend it a little more outside the corner than the eye does go. Next, we're going to apply our mascara, top and bottom. Pretty. And, look up. There you go. Okay, go ahead and put on your glasses. Now, as you can see, the dark liner enhances the model's eyes and the mascara. The dark shadow does make the lid pop a bit. And, that is how we apply makeup if you have glasses. I'm Danielle Cavalear, professional makeup expert.


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