Meniscus Knee Strengthening Exercises

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Meniscus knee strengthening exercises help strengthen and maintain the joints of runners. Find out about meniscus knee strengthening exercises with help from a personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jason Morgan with Muscleworx Fitness in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today, we're gong to discuss meniscus knee strengthening exercises. If you're a runner, you're obviously, your joints can take a severe pounding from the repetitive motion of the heel-toe action. Or even the spring action of just the ball of your foot, hitting the pavement. We want to make sure that we keep those joints as strong as possible. And we can do that by strengthening the muscles in the connective tissues surrounding the joints. When dealing with the knee, two exercises that will help you do that, are the leg extension and the leg curl. You can find these machines in most gyms, whether it be a commercial gym or otherwise. And they can also be performed at home, with exercise bands. Leg extension is performed by sitting down on the machine. Making sure that your leg adjustment is just above the ankle. And the seat adjustment allows your knee to be in line with the pivot point of the machine. That's going to be where the actual motion is performed. So, you want to sit down, straighten yourself out, making sure that your toes are pointed up. So as you raise your leg through the movement, your toes end up pointing towards the ceiling. And your balls of your feet and heels are away from you, at the top of the movement. You're just going to raise your legs up, at the top of the movement, squeeze the thighs. So that you really tighten those quadriceps muscles. Come back down, don't swing the weights, don't kick the weights up. So that the weight comes off, of your legs, you want to use a slow control movement. It doesn't have to be a really heavy weight, remember, we just have to strengthen the knees on this particular exercise. Performing a leg curl, can be done either on a lying leg curl machine or can be done with a dumbbell. Or on a seated leg curl machine in a commercial gym. A seated leg curl is performed by setting your leg adjustment to where it's just above the ankle. Your seat adjustment allows the long, upper portion of the leg to line up at the knee, with the pivot point of the machine. Keep your toes pointed up towards the ceiling, pull your heels back towards your buttocks, and squeeze. Repeat the motion as necessary for a required number of reps. Please remember these tips are just to provide basic information. Always consult with your health care provider and a fitness consultant. Before beginning any diet and exercise program.


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