Pilates Exercises for the Intercostals Muscles of the Ribcage

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The ribcage's intercostals muscles help keep organs protected; Pilates can help strengthen them. Preserve your ribcage muscles with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of the Perfect 10 workout. I'm going to do some exercises right now for your intercostal muscles that are inside your ribcage. You want to reach with your fingers for your ribcage and take it a deep breath and feel your ribcage expand, and those are the muscles underneath that you want to learn how to strengthen. How do you do them? Well, mermaid is a great way to start. We're going to put our legs to one side and reach the outer arm over, turning our torso towards the ceiling, shoulder in, neck long. Exhale. Hold it there, breathing, opening up this side of your body, letting the ribcage expand. Breathe deep. Hold it for about ten deep, slow breaths. Come up, then bring your legs to the other side. Reach your arm over. Neck is long. Shoulders are down. You want your ear to be far from your shoulder. Looking up past your arm. Arm is straight through the fingertips. Reach through the fingertips and feel your ribcage open up. Breathe into your body. Side plank is another way to do it. You can get onto your elbow to make it a little bit easier. Bring your legs, the top leg in front of the back. Hand right behind your head, and lift up your body. Up, and then down. Exhale up as you exert. Inhale as you release. Exhale up. Inhale down. Exhale up. Inhale down. Exhale up. Inhale down. Do it on the other side as well, and then you can end up with a nice stretch, with a spinal twist, which is where you cross one leg over on top of the other. Put the opposite arm on the outside of your knee. Other hand goes back by your tailbone. Lift up, and look over your back shoulder. Feel your ribcage pop out as you lengthen your body. Breathe deep into your body and then roll forward. You want to spend a little time there and just relax and feel your body as you breathe, and switch sides. Both sides of your buttocks down on the mat. Don't lift one side up. Opposite arm on the outside of your knee. Other arm by your tailbone. Straighten that back elbow. Pull your neck out of your shoulders, and then look over your back shoulder. Breathe. Hold it for about ten deep breaths. And that's how you work out the intercostal muscles.


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