Monthly Growth of a Baby During Pregnancy

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It's important to check up on the growth of your baby while you are pregnant. Learn the signs that show your baby is doing good with help from a practicing obstetrician in this free video.

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Hi there. I'm Dr. Heather Harrison. I'm a family physician at the Central Utah Clinic, and today we're talking about the monthly growth of your fetus during your pregnancy. First of all, can I just say that I really like a book--books--during pregnancy to follow along. I most commonly use in my office the What to Expect When You're Expecting, but there's definitely lots of other books out there. I think during pregnancy it's nice to have a book to read along so you can kind of figure out what's going on with your baby, what's going on with you, and often spark questions or answer questions for you. So, when you're thinking about the growth of your baby, it's amazing how much development goes into the first six to eight weeks. A lot of times by eight weeks, the major systems are all developed - the nervous system, the eyes, the heart, kidney, lungs, all of those things, they're there and developed, they just have to grow and mature over the pregnancy. In the first, let's say, first two months of your pregnancy, when you're about six to eight weeks along, your baby is about the size of a little tadpole. And actually sometimes if you do early ultrasounds, you can see what we call the crown-rump length, which goes from the head to the bottom, and babies even have a little tail at the beginning to begin with that looks like that little tadpole. That's in the first six to eight weeks, which is your first two months of pregnancy. By third month, your baby is about the size of a prune. Not that it's all shriveled up or anything, but it's about the size of a prune. By the fourth month, your baby is about the size of a clenched fist. By the fifth month, your baby is about the size of a chicken breast. And then the sixth month, babies are just kind of growing from there. Again, like I said, a lot of the major organs are developed in those first two to three months of life, and then the baby just starts packing on the pounds and developing the systems from there. Six months in the pregnancy, your baby is usually about a pound, pound and a half. And then, I would say probably from there your baby gains somewhere about a half a pound a month through the pregnancy. Usually by eight, nine months along that baby's somewhere between six and nine pounds. On average, I'd say by eight months, babies are about seven pounds, six to seven pounds, and then gaining a half a pound a month until the delivery. So just remember, we start as a tadpole and we end up as a human somewhere along the line there. But again, the most important thing to remember is that the vital organs are developing in those first six to eight weeks of life, so make sure that you're staying as healthy as you can, taking your prenatal vitamins, and get in for your routine prenatal care. That's Dr. Heather Harrison talking about how your baby grows monthly through your pregnancy.


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