How to Prevent Yellow Nails

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Nails can grow yellow from exposure to nail polish pigments, but buffing your nails or applying base coat can help prevent this problem. Get the facts on yellow nail in this free video on nail art and manicures.

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Video Transcript

I'm Amy Hamilton-Weldon from Oakwood Nail Spa in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we're going to talk about preventing yellow nails. Wearing base coat always helps; but, it's not going to prevent it completely because your nails may yellow, usually it's due to the pigment in the, in the color polish you wear. Deeper reds will do it more than, you know, like a lighter color. But, sometimes, your nails are yellow just because of the chemicals in the polish. So, even clear will do it some. The thing you can do for that is you can buff your nails; but, you don't want to do that very often because it does make them thinner. But, you can do that if there's some reason you want to wear clear or leave your nails clear and they're kind of yellow, you can buff them lightly to get that yellow off. But, the best thing to do is wear base coat always when you're wearing any color or polish. If you have polish on, the polish will turn yellow too. I tell people like when you have a color on, red or some deep color, they're yellowing too, you just don't see it. But, when you wear a French manicure where it's white or a real light color, people think they're nails yellow only at that time. But, they're always yellowing, you just can't tell whenever you wear darker color on. Okay, those were just some basic tips, but you should always consult a nail professional.


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