How to Remove Fingernail Polish

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You can use either commercial nail polish remover or pure acetone to remove fingernail polish, but take care not to smear any of the polish onto the skin. Learn clean, fast removal techniques from this free video on nail art and manicures.

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Video Transcript

I'm Amy Hamilton-Weldon, Oakwood Nail Spa, Raleigh, North Carolina, and I'm going to show you how to remove nail polish. OK, so when you remove polish, first of all, make sure you get the pad completely soaked. And then, when you're going to remove the polish, you want to work down with it. So, instead of just putting it on there and rubbing it all around, it's going to get on the on the skin and everything, you want to put your cotton ball on there and kind of work down. You're still rubbing it around, but you work down with it. So, you're not getting all the polish on the skin. because if you're wearing a dark red color, or even sometimes I wear black sometimes, and if it gets in the skin, then it seeps in there and it's hard to get out if you have dry skin, it will soak it up or whatever. You can buy nail polish remover at the drug store, usually it has acetone in it, but if you really want a remover that will take your polish off quickly, and you don't have to work at is as hard, you use pure acetone. You can get that from the beauty supply or Sally's, they have pure acetone, and it really does make your polish come off a lot quicker. Start in the middle of the pad, and kind of work your way down and not go back up, because a lot of people though, they'll be getting their polish off, but then they wind up getting polish all on your finger, because you put it out there basically. Because it didn't start out there. OK, those were just some basic tips , but you should always consult a nail professional.


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