How to Paint Flowers on Your Nails

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You can create daisies and other flowers on your fingernails with acrylic paints, rhinestones, a protective layer of top coat and a steady hand. View a demonstration in this free video on nail art and manicures.

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Video Transcript

Amy Hamilton-Weldon, Oakwood Nail Spa, Raleigh, North Carolina and I'm going to show you how to apply flowers on your nails. I have used polish before. You can do like you can use a white nail polish to do art. When I very first started out that's what I did but I found out that nail polish doesn't work as well as just acrylic paint. This is just regular acrylic paint from the art store. I suggest the smallest skinniest brush you can find. Sometimes, if you're going to paint something bigger you can use a bigger brush, but usually it's the thinner brushes that work best. Daisies are pretty simple. You can either make them have five petals or six petals or if it's a small nail you can do three or four. Every one doesn't have to be exactly the same. I think it actually looks better if they're not. It looks more real. It looks less like a stencil. You can have some that the petals are more fat at the end and skinny in the middle, toward the middle. So, then you can go back and put your yellow centers. That looks really pretty on that red polish. And now I'm going to show you what it looks like if we added some rhinestones. Let's get a little bit of clear on the stick and dot it on where you want to put it. I'll use this tip as one and you can place it on there and get it where you want it and you kind of press it hard so it's actually mushing into the polish underneath. Everything in place that you want to do, you want to finish up with top coat because top coat is going to set the acrylic paint and it's going to hold the rhinestones on. Okay, those were just some basic tips but you should always consult a nail professional.


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