Herbs to Prevent Swine Flu

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Though dangerous, the swine flu is not something you have to let keep you up at night. Learn how to use herbs to prevent the swine flu with help from a health expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. David Hill, and today we're going to talk about herbs to prevent swine flu. Now, that unfortunately would be a relatively short discussion. Because the fact is, if you go to reliable scientific literature. There are no herbs that have been shown to be effective in preventing the swine flu. That doesn't mean that there is nothing natural, that can help you not get swine flu or not get a more severe case of swine flu. There are some very simple ways to prevent getting swine flu or at least, cut your chances. You can wash your hands carefully, after hand to hand contact with other people during the flu season. You can ask people around you to cough into the crook of their elbow, instead of out into the air or in their hands. You can get plenty of good sleep. We know that people who are not getting enough sleep, are more susceptible to all sorts of viral infections. But most importantly, please get the influenza vaccine. The influenza vaccine is the only known safe and effective way. To keep people from contracting influenza, from being hospitalized with and from dying with it. That's a big deal, because flu kills 36,000 Americans in an average year, that's a lot of people. And you might think, well, I'm not that sick, I'm healthy. Half the people who die of flu, have no known pre-existing condition. That would make them more susceptible to dying with the flu. So, you're still in very high risk and the only way to cut that risk reliably, is to get the flu vaccine. People say, well, I heard this guy got the flu vaccine, he got the flu, anyway. You can get the flu, after the flu vaccine. But you are much less likely to die or be hospitalized. The flu vaccine does not give you a severe case of the flu. Although, the nasal inhale vaccine is made from a very weakened form of the flu virus. And it might give you a little scratchy throat or runny nose or achiness for a few days afterwards, that's true. But most people who think that the vaccine gave them the flu, walked out the next day and got a horrible cold. It was not influenza, but it was a nasty cold, all the same. And the flu vaccine will not keep you from getting a bad cold, only influenza. The difference is, cold doesn't kill you, flu does. So, talking about herbs to avoid the flu, I'm Dr. David Hill.


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