How to Keep a Puppy From Barking

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Puppies tend to bark at every last thing that they encounter. Keep your puppy from barking with help from a dog training expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Victoria Warfel with DreamDogz Training, located in Gainesville, Florida. Here to talk about how to stop your puppy from barking. You want to start out with a tired puppy, you want your dog to be mentally and physically tired. Because then he's not going to be as concerned about what's going on outside. And he's not going to be as prone to bark at everything. When, not bark with your dog, if you just, dog starts barking and you wow, wow, wow, wow, stop it, stop it, stop it, don't bark. You see, how it sounds the same. So, it's best to stay quiet, shh, uh-uh. Don't get up high with a no, no, no stop barking, just lower and quieter. Tell your dog, that's enough and get between him and whatever he's barking at. So, if he's barking at the window, you can get between him and the window, tell him, shh. And redirect him, if you can get him turned around. Maybe, bring him over to the other side of the room and have him do some sits. Give him a squeaky toy, if you want a squeaky toy. Give him a Kong, give him something to occupy him. So the game isn't going to be, let's get attention by barking at the window. But it'll be, oh, look, how nice I am. Whenever I'm quiet and I don't bark, I get a lot of attention too.


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